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HIPPA Violation
Being the demure, innocent and once-bitten-twice-shy Southern belle that I am, it's a highly unusual event for little old me to make an advance toward a member of the opposite sex. A couple of years ago I was walking down the hall at my workplace and glanced into the rooms as I ambled along, as is my habit. It's a cool sort of public relations thing to smile and say "Hey y'all" when you walk by....patients love it and so do I. As I passed one particular room, I did the hey ya'll thing and then stopped dead in my tracks and said to myself " Did I just see what I thought I saw?" A few steps backwards confirmed the presence of one HOT lookin' guy surrounded by doting parents. Hmm..

I rambled on down to where the nurses were and inquired about said HOT guy only to find that he was single. I know...but it was a need to know thing in order to provide care, okay ;) I gave her my phone number and she slipped it to the slighty woozy post-op HOT guy with a brief explanation of "She'd like to talk to you." Fine. I'd shown that I was confident and could play the game.

Amazingly, hot guy called a couple of days later. He was sort of housebound due to his surgery and asked if I could come by HIS house for a drink. SURE... except that I had plans for a Passion Party ( aka sex toy meet'n'greet ) at my house the very next day. Could we make it for Saturday, I asked? No prob. Directions were given and chat was light.

Arriving at his house that day, I was greeted by a nicely tanned not very sick looking fellow in shorts and a tank top who invited me in and made margaritas until I was silly. We talked for hours and I heard all about his Navy adventures and his ex-wife doing him wrong. Since it was time for the dressing to be changed on his arm, he politely asked if I would help. (OH baby....yes!) I followed him through a bedroom to the drawers where he had the stuff he got custody of in the divorce, consisting of a tube of Neosporin and some stray Q-tips. He dug out some gauze from his hunter's first aid kit and we were in the bandage changing business. Sitting on the bed. With me carefully unwrapping that co-flex and admiring the biceps. Ahem.

I'm sooooo not a nurse, but I managed and left shortly thereafter. Considering our wonderful rapport I called the next week to invite him to dinner. Left a message which was not returned. Okay then. Couple of weeks later, I made a CD of old hippie songs and sent it to him with another invitation. Nada. Months later, I visited the church that he attended and was greeted by him at the door. No recognition to my "Hey...remember me!" The preacher was dynamite though :)

Maybe he didn't like the way I couldn't play the game, huh?
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