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I walked into a full fledged shitstorm this morning. I realized halfwaythrough the day that I'm weary beyond words. My highlight at work was chattin' with one of the pathologists whose last day to work is tomorrow. Can you imagine that feeling? An easy going fellow coming around to say goodbye to his sometimes co-workers who appreciate his low maintenance persona. He plans to do woodworking and travel and all I could think was "You go, boy!"

The spotlight patient of the day was a gravida 8 who delivered a 14 oz child by C- section, bleedin' like a stuck hog the whole way. The nurses quizzed her on drug use , though they knew from experience that she had all the tell tale markings of a speed freak. Her partner was livid with anger over where he found himself and his latest offspring and hot tears rolled down his cheeks as he cried out to her "How stupid can you get??"

Pain begets pain and agony repeats itself in a vicious cycle. The same is true of light and hope and love. The pivotal factor is where we invest our personal power. Shall it be with grace and goodness and faith? Honesty is a good starting point on the journey.

Hot tip of the day: Peaches'n cream corn is READY according to my Dad.

That's a sweet proposition if I ever heard one. You can find me sweatin' and barefaced in the cornfield. Leave a message at the beep.
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