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Last bird out of the nest.....
last bird out
is almost eaten by the chocolate lab! OH yeah. It was truly a Poopie moment as I walked out this morning to snap a shot of the last baby perched on the edge of the nest getting ready for take off. Faith the wonder-lab and Butterbean the rat terrier diva were right there with me. Baby bird got a bit flustered when the flash went off so instead of flying he kind of ummm...jumped onto the porch. Labs are bird dogs, remember? Faith was on him in a flash and I went ballistic. Screaming at the top of my lungs crazy woman stuff. Faith had him holed up in the corner of the porch when I finally managed to get her into the yard. Baby bird hopped off into the flower bed under the tree where Mama was waitin'. Fine. Crisis solved.

I decided to drop Faith off down the road on my way to work to remove the temptation to bird hunt. When I arrived at BabyGirl's b'friend's house he was peering underneath his truck at none other than Butterbean. My screaming had freaked her out so bad she had hightailed it down the road and hid under the truck! We finally coaxed her out, but she's still hidin' out there in his yard. Heheh. Don't mess with Poopie ;)

Let's all have a big round of applause for wonder woman Tamara who has graciously given me this new place to play! WOOOOOOOhoooooooo. Thanks girl!
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