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Thus far I've escaped pigeonholing myself as a mommy/work/photo/political/ranty-for the-cause/comedienne blogger. I ditched the stats awhile back and read the numbers on the once a week email report when I sort through the forwards and spam that fill up my mailbox. Not much personal stuff there.

Sometimes I wonder to myself "If I had a life would I be doing this?" Probably so, but not as much. The part of my soul that pours onto the keyboard every day is just a tiny bit of who I am..the part that I feel brave enough to share. I wonder if the pseudonym and the links were gone if anybody would still be there. Maybe it's all just a big conspiracy by Dell and Bill Gates to keep us tappin' out the words so they can get rich(er).

I need a change, and Tamara has promised this blog a new look. I played a word game at her place for a few weeks and for some reason she decided to gift me with her talents. I think she recognized an HTML impaired writer when she read one ;) Y'all go tell her thanks for lifting Poopie's spirits. She's a sweetheart.

Now if I could just find somebody to do my hair and give me a massage.

P.S. I kicked his butt to win it,too.
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