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Waxing Paternal
I gotta tell y'all, reading everybody's Father's Day posts today has been a very moving experience for me. My own Dad hugged me extra hard when he thanked me for his post and all your lovely comments about him. I fried him up some of his favorite chicken livers and we hung out the newest bird feeders I got him. One was for hummingbirds and the other one was this little sock thingy to put thistle in for the finches. VERY cool idea.

What struck me the most was the wide scope of gratitude that folks have for the men in their lives and their contributions to parenting. Muzikdude wrote about a mentor who gave him the love and guidance that his own father could not. Vicki is gracious enough to recognize the parenting skills of her EX husband and share them with us. Deb brought tears to my eyes with the poignancy of being without her Dad. And over at Petroville MommaK's hubby is a guest blogger who did a mighty fine job! Sigmund,Carl and Alfred linked to an article that simultaneously brought tears of grief and joy. It's a must read.

So, since we've all got the warm fuzzies, I'll share a picture of my dog doing what she loves best...riding in my lap with her ears in the breeze!
butterbean's ride

Happy Father's Day to all of the great men in my life!!
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