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guess who!
I know you've all had a wonderful time enjoying the talents of the various guest hosts this past week...I know I certainly have. So, now what? Poopie's back in action and has to see if she remembers how to do this ;)

Right before I took my blogging break, Robin at Smiling Through the Cracks came up with some interview questions for me after I volunteered over at her place.
Here are her questions:

If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why? As much as I’d like to be a mimosa all poofy pink and frilly, that’s just not me. I’m more of an apple tree kinda gal that bears fruit and takes pruning with grace because I know it will improve the crop. Dependable and all that boring stuff, though the blooms can be quite beautiful.

What is your earliest memory? I don’t know if I really remember this, or I’ve conjured it up in my mind from what I’ve heard. It’s me and my grandaddy exploring the outer edges of the farm. He died when I was three years old, but I have this mental pic of us driving down the lane into the woods where you take a hard right at the end of the “main road”. I was his first grandchild and the only one who has a viable memory of him, because he died at 45. He adored me.

What 5 people ( living or dead ) would you most like to have dinner with? Why?
Marilyn Monroe: I think I could get her into therapy…Seriously.
Old Horsetail Snake and our collective blogrolls….Why? Because he’s funny and he loves me and we have cool friends.
George W. Bush: Don’t ask unless you want a rant.
James Taylor: His music makes me happy and he’s been to hell and back in our lifetimes.
Pawpaw: The granddaddy mentioned above.

What do you like most about living in the South? The least?
I’ll start with what I like least. The heat and humidity are stifling during the summer months, and I hate to sweat just going through the motions of living life. If I choose to work up a sweat, that’s another matter altogether.
The most? Hmm..college football season is right on up there. Doesn’t matter if you know a quarterback from a tailback, SEC football is great camaraderie and an excellent reason to gather for some good times. Southern hospitality is gracious and inviting and the pace is laid back. The music is spirited and steeped in tradition like the blues, for example. Our roots run deep and when transplanted we never forget who we are.

If there was a sandwich named in your honor, what would it be called and what would be on it? Toasted cheesy bread slathered with herbed mayo and filled with garlic/onion roasted chicken and pepper jack cheese. It might be called Hot Chick Surprise,with trimmings optional but readily available. Of course I do have my rag bologna moods too!

Thanks, Robin. That was fun!

For those who might like to share the latest joy in Risible Girl's healing journey, check this out. She got some exciting news the other day.

Peace and love. ^j^
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