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I'm Tuesday's Child
For some reason as I stand in Poopie’s kitchen looking out over her back yard I cannot help but wonder if she realizes that I am rummaging through her personal stuff…

Like Old Horsetail Snake, I am standing in for Janie while she finds some fun elsewhere. Poopie named me Tuesday’s child. That’s supposed to mean that I am full of grace. I’m sure that I am full of something. I am not really in her kitchen so no rumor mills please. She has better taste than that. The image does explain a bit about the person we all read about here. She is one of the most trusting and open people that I have never met. She also has a heart that is even big enough to care about a Blogin Idiot like me.

I thought about how to do her proud on her blog. I know that I can’t compare to her writing. She is way smooth. My first thoughts involved thinking that maybe this was an ideal place to hold a roast for her. We could poke fun at all sorts of things. I’d start with the skunk dawg of course. Or maybe I could take applications for a fella for her. If you are applying I would need a photo, credit history and a complete medical report verifying that you are handsome, rich and in great shape.

I thought about laying it on thick and telling you all how endearing Poopie is to me. We all know that she is a darlin’. Her stories and sense of humor have lifted my spirits many a day. That would only make her turn a bit red and we don’t want a Pink Poopie do we? Instead I thought that I would simply sling a few words that might make her smile if she reads them…

It was a hot day as I overlooked the sun drenched meadow. The hay had grown tall and was in need of cutting. The weather forecast said clear until Thursday meaning that we had to get it cut now so that it would be dry before we bailed it. 15 acres and one tractor meant that I would be riding this hot green horse all day long watching the tall stalks fall into a never-ending line. My father had owned this small farm. His father had owned it before him. I was the first daughter to own the farm in a long line of daddies.

Riding up and back, up and back allowed me time to think about things in my life. How alone life seemed at times. I was alone here but back in our air-conditioned ranch was Renaldo. I had met him last year in Cancun. Winning that HGTV getaway vacation was the best thing that ever happened to me. I almost didn’t go. I got to thank my family for insisting. Farms don’t rest. If they hadn’t come down to take over my chores I would never have gone.

I can still smell the salt air as it washed across the white sand beach. I walked along the beach feeling out of place. No La Perla Prelude beachwear for me. I was comfortable in my cut off jeans shorts and halter top. That was until I got called Mary Ann by too many fancy tourists. I almost headed back to the hotel when I saw him. Standing in the sunlight his long black hair danced with the waves. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Wide shoulders rippling with muscles.

My knees got weak. There was no doubt about it. This was pure animal lust. It was more than the look in his eyes and the way he filled out his Volcom Board Shorts. Yep, a surfer dude. It was more than his grin as he handed me a Corona with lime. It was more than his all over tan. Well, maybe a little of that…
It was the way he swept me into his arms and kissed me like there was no tomorrow…

Damn girl. You got to stop thinking this. You are sitting on this old John Deer and won’t be back to the ranch until dark. You know the sun won’t melt you but these thoughts surely will. Save it. He’s all yours girl. After you got through with him in Cancun, you ruined him for any other woman…

I hope you are not working all of your cute butt off. Or if you are, you are in one of the Hooters uniforms getting lots of tips.

Take Care
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