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learn to be still
Idgie smacked me with a musical meme. True to form for the rebel in me, I won't follow the rules just exactly. Her tag was something like "name music you are into right now". I think the number 10 was in there somewhere.

I decided to write about some artists that have made a difference in my life with their musical gifts. Music has always been a great motivator for me. It's as if when I feel like nobody in the whole wide world loves me, I can listen to a favorite song and it's all okay.

I've been to a ton of concerts. As a teenager I saw a lot of biggies....Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, all at the MidSouth Colliseum in Memphis, the closest venue in my area at the time. I heard the Allman Brothers at the Auditorium North Hall, which is no more. Me and my college boyfriend loved the live thang ;) I never stopped going. As an adult, Mud Island became a much cooler place to go to concerts. On the banks of the Mighty Mississippi is an awesome place to sit and get into the music. There, I saw JT again in the pouring rain. There was Bruce Hornsby and the Range another night. Back to the Colliseum for Huey Lewis and the News,yet another time. The Doobie Brothers. Michael McDonald sans the rest of the Doobies.

I can't claim a list of firm favorites. Throughout my life, music has met me where I was at the time and made me smile or cry or think. Some of the artists many people have never heard of.....Mac McAnally, Robert Cray, Kathy Mattea. It's a Beautiful Day. Blind Faith.

I adore U2, Steve Miller Band, Hootie, John Mayer, The Eagles collectively, and individually. I'm a Journey freak. Pat Benatar. Marshall Tucker Band. Pure Prarie League. Spirit. Moody Blues. Santana. AC/DC. Aerosmith. Skynard. Pink Floyd. Loggins and Messina. Rod Stewart. Evanesence.

As an older lady, I've embraced country too. I like Toby Keith and Gretchen Wilson...Allen Jackson. Tim and Faith. The Dixie Chicks and SheDaisy. Vince Gill. George Strait. Keith Urban. Hank and his rowdy friends. Heck I even enjoy Michael W. Smith and Mercy Me.

I'm sure I've left somebody out....some musician who gave me a reason to believe in the harmony that gives us life and hope and love. I've always thought it would be cool for someone to write a song just for me, inspired by who I am.

Thanks Idgie. You made me think. As Martha would say "It's a GOOD thing."
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