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Let's pretend
...that the Poopster is being swept away for a week by her hotter than hot Sugar Daddy to an exotic tropical island for a much needed getaway. He is handsome beyond belief yet seems strangely unconcious of that fact and adores her in a way that makes her swooon with just a loving gaze. They will most likely take long walks on the beach chatting about every little thing and retire to their chairs in the sand to sip Corona from an iced bucket as they soak up the rays and relax. Wild sex every day plus plenty of great food. A little shopping, at SD's expense, of course. Our last stop takes us to a jewelry store where SD suddenly can wait not a moment longer to grace my finger with a big fat diamond. *sigh*


Hey...y'all got good imaginations right?? Heheh. It's my fantasy and I can dream whatever I want to, SO THERE ;) In actuality, I will be working my butt off as usual but not posting for a few days. My brilliant friends have generously agreed to guest post on my behalf while I clear the cobwebs out of my brain and clean my nasty house.

You kids better be on your best behavior while I'm gone, that's all I can say. Don't jump on the furniture, don't hit your sister and TURN DOWN THAT DAMN MUSIC! You'll need all the peace and quiet you can muster to fully appreciate the talent about to be displayed around here this week.

See ya in a week ( or sooner when I lurk! )
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