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one short phrase
...caught my eye among all of the comments and pictures and stories that I read today. "Blogs I'm paid to read". I saw those words on a site that I've visited a jillion times before (which is plastered with ads.) I go there because the author has a great sense of humor and she makes me laugh. It made my blood run cold.

One of my oldest friends called me "electronically naive" many moons ago when I was busy lookin' for love in all the wrong places and got my ass in a crack with some Yahoo! entrepreneurs from abroad. I didn't trust easily after that.

Blogging has given me back that sense of trust that I lost a while back. Suddenly, I find myself wondering if it's all about commerce and the competition amongst Blogger and Haloscan and Typepad and Wordpress and dot.coms and dot.nets. I wonder if it's really about me and them on a personal level.

Something deep inside of me wants to believe with all my heart that it is. That we're all in this together and the "i love yous" and "i hear ya's" and "you go!s" mean that we are becoming kinder and gentler and more concerned with our friends and neighbors and less concerned with ourselves and the mighty buck. The old Poopster is an optimist like that,always seeing the glass half full. I blame it on my faithful parents and the blessings I've experienced amidst the living of my almost 50 years.

Y'all are all in the book. Including Unky :)

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