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poor st francis
poor st francis
He used to stand gracefully ( all in one piece ) in the flower bed. My choco lab, Faith has taken lately to dragging his granite self all over the yard. A few days ago, I found him broken in half after Faith dropped him on the stepping stones in the yard. His top half now sits in the Christmas cactus on the porch, hopefully out of reach! Those labs will fetch anything.....
The cool(er) days were short lived. It's back to sweatin' to the chores around here. While cleaning my car out earlier I was drippin' all over the seats. Lovely mental pic, I know. This butterfly kept me company.
butterfly 2
I'm short on words today. Must be cuz I'm so relaxed from a nice nothing weekend. It's a pity Monday has to come around so soon.

Y'all be careful out there. And keep the faith. ^j^
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