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roadside ministry
Okay then...I'm out on the riding mower this morning stirring up the dust and chopping the heads off of those tall crabgrass thingys that have gone to seed. The rest of the grass is dead except for the spot where the hose leaks, which is a nice lush oasis in a desert of brown crunchy stuff. I can barely see through the haze of dust ( kind of like Kansas during a windstorm ) and I spot this car easing up the road slowly. It looks kind of familiar so I wave, but I can't see who's in it because the windows are tinted. I wave harder and lean over to look at the car which is now stopped at the entrance to the driveway. They're waving back like crazy but I still can't make out who it is.

Out jumps a pretty well dressed girl who introduces herself as Tammy, as I kill the engine so I can shake her hand. She proudly claims to be a member of her church, which she says most people think of as "crazy" and pulls out a Bible to read me a few verses. While she's reading a little girl jumps out of the back seat and hands me this.tractShe thanks me for my time and they go on their merry way with an apprentice riding shotgun.

My first thought? " These are such nice people, I hope they never find themselves bleeding to death and refuse a blood transfusion as they are taught." That would be a travesty that I've witnessed before in healthcare, and one that I believe God weeps over every time it happens.

You just never know what a day's gonna bring.
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