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this 'n that
I've been lusting over the weather map all day, keeping an eye on that cool(er) front that's headed across the country. If all goes well, the temps should be down by about 10 degrees and less humidity by tomorrow. 90 sounds a whole lot better than 100 to this old gal. It's all relative, ya know?

Remember the stray kitten I picked up in the parking lot last week? The one that got dumped along with it's sister? The one I was sure I could find a home for?
Guess who's still here.
the new kid
Any suggestions on a name for this baby girl?

Some of you know that South Knox Bubba called it quits on his East Tennessee blog. I really hated to see that, because his site was one of my favorites. However, several devoted geeks got out there and resurrected the Rocky Top Brigade before the whole thing fell apart. You can check it out here . The new site has a lot of features and the same blogroll as before plus some newbies. Can't keep a Tennessee VOL down for long ;) Thanks for all the good times, SKB. And thanks to the folks who have worked so hard to get the new site up and running so quickly.

Had to make an emergency run to the minor med clinic with BabyGirl yesterday. She has this awful skin allergy thing that gives her a lot of grief when it's hot and humid. As a little kid, we learned not to let her loose in the woods at Girl Scout camp until she had a prednisone dose-pak in her posession. Yesterday was the worst I've seen her since the old Camp Hazelwood days. Her entire body was covered with whelps and her eyelids were even swollen....miserable stuff. She had covered herself from head to toe with a pink film of calamine lotion. A big shot of decadron plus a dose pak will have her not itching in no time. We can blame that affliction on the ex, her Dad. He has it too.

Gotta go check on the progress of the front ;) I can't wait for a good old Mississippi River thunderstorm. See 'ya over at Dew on the Kudzu . We're writin' up a storm over there!
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