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I have ranted, in my day. I do not not do it lightly, nor without conviction as I find my emotions to be seeking a more leisurely pace these days. Simply put, I pick my battles.

More often than not,the battles that find me on the front line are those where human dignity and rights are at stake in the midst of heated political debate. I am pro-choice because I have seen the horror of illegal abortions performed in a shady doc's office when I was a teenager. I am anti-war, when the basis for the war is the economic wealth of a chosen few. I am pro-life in cases such as Terri Schiavo's..meaning that I believe a better life is ahead. One that is better than being kept artificially alive and used as a political pawn.

I am, quite frankly, dismayed when I see and hear of the resources within our legal system being applied toward something as trivial as the posting of the Ten Commandments in a public building. We learned them as children. Does having them posted at the post office really make a difference in the interpetation of the Big 10? Can anyone stop a student from praying in school if they so desire? I think not. Will Grandma die in spite of our best efforts to keep her alive? Yes, dear. But we can make the passage a bit more peaceful if we practice the faith that we preach.

But NOOOOOOOOO. We must all find a cause. Something to bitch about and raise cain about and generally use to prove to the world that "they" are wrong and "we" are right. It's as if in proving another wrong, we find solace. If we can force others to conform to our point of view, then we have won the battle.

All of this black and white thinking makes me incredibly weary. Most of our lives are,hopefully, lived in the gray zone where there is a generous view of right and wrong. Circumstances vary and times change. My Mama taught me early on not to say "My child will never......". One never knows until he or she walks in another person's shoes. Never say never.

I remember, many years ago, talking with a self-absorbed contractor friend who did all sorts of "charity" work in order to boost his business. One night as we were eating dinner with kids crowded around the table, I asked him point blank " Have you ever done something good, that nobody knew about?" He responded by telling me about how he'd put a roof on the house of an old widow woman recently. " Hmm..You've told it now."

I believe that the Big Guy has very little patience with self righteousness. But I could be wrong.

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