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I love to watch rain move. When I heard the thunder, I headed out to pick the one semi-ripe mater I've had my eye on. It'll finish the job in the kitchen window. The sheets of rain were down the hill in a cornfield and I could hear the patter way off moving slowly in my direction mingled with the sound of a nearby train making its' way along the tracks. Out of habit, I looked for a rainbow when the sun came back out.
the rails 2
There's a new critter under my watch, though I'm not sure where it's hidden at this moment. As I was leaving the hospital today one of the "girls" hollered at me. I couldn't quite understand what she said so I said "Huh?" She disappeared under a car and came back up with a kitten. "Want one? There's two of 'em" she said. Somebody had dumped them...one gray striped and the other black and white. "I can only take one." Sucker. Aw hell...I'll take both of 'em.

I went to get the car and, by grace,some other passerby had scooped up the black and white before I ever got the air blowin' cold on my face and up the hill. The little gray one climbed on in for the ride home. I know somebody who wants a baby kitty so I did my part in the matchmaking process. The dogs licked and the kitten hissed and the old fat cats sized up the newcomer.

Just another day in paradise.
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