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a day off with poopie
As you all know, I dearly love my job ( wink, wink ) however, I do also dearly love a nice day off which I am currently enjoying. No makeup, no bra and no schedule. Since the heat index was a tad under 100 this morning, I ventured out to mow my dead grass/seedpods/dirt/molehills for the first time in weeks. Not that it needed it, mind you. Just because it’s there.

I’m proud to announce that I won the war of the formica and both countertops now stand buck nekkid waiting for my next burst of energy to cover them up with something pretty. Don’t mess with Poopie when she’s on a mission, I’m just sayin’.

Many of you already read the dispatches from writer Michael Yon on his website. Michael was interviewed by a Boston radio station by phone from Mosul the other night. I listened to it here this morning, and I recommend that you do too. Very interesting stuff, regardless of your stand on the war itself.

I met Vicki some time ago, through Hoss and Blogging for Books, and I have always admired her style. She is a therapist, but will be the first to tell you that it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be! She has an excellent idea for a new online therapy group for those of us moms who find ourselves in the difficult position of letting go of our daughters to let them live their own lives. Go here to check out her ideas. I jumped right in and will be posting on the subject sometime this week. Thanks Vicki!

Obviously Fast Eddie is way over 16 ( notice the lovely silver hair ) but he ACTS like a 16 year old ;) He doesn’t read b**gs…or even e-mails for that matter, but I will be sure to pass on all of your hearty birthday wishes next time I see him. I’ll have to point and click for him, bless his heart.

I left a little piece about court square fellows over at the Dew yesterday. If you’re interested in reading southern stuff, that’s the place to be these days. Idgie makes sure there’s never a dull moment below the Mason Dixon.

I’m currently working on a list of things that Sugardaddy can buy for me, whenever I find him. So far I’ve got : a Nikon D70, a yearly trip to the beach with all the seafood I can eat, and a full body massage by the cabana boy. I'm sure I'll come up with more. I'm just a spoiled rotten gal waitin' to happen ;)
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