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*sigh* It's true. A hardworking girl owes everybody and their brother. Here's the short list:

The propane guy...God love him for delivering on Christmas Eve
The ex-dentist with the spoiled rotten kids
Dell Financial Services (aka sharks)
A couple of opportunistic credit card companies

That's about it for the debtors. Here are the in kind contributors who made it all possible for Poopie to live wild and free:

K and Ms.Ann and Claudia who financed my divorce
My brother Bubba, bless his heart
Santa Claus,who caught my rent up
The pharmacists who let me slide so I can afford the co-pays on my meds
One very funny eagle scout who stays in touch consistently
Dr.and Mrs. Kent who never turn BabyGirl away when she's sick
The grocer who never says no

I have a job...have for a very long time. One with benefits like health insurance that I pay dearly for and such. At the age where many are making retirement plans and enjoying security, I have no retirement $$ and no partner to share the load with. It's just me and the critters for now.

I suppose when I balance the assets and debts, I'm a little bit ahead of the average joe. Nobody ever said it would be easy. I always keep the faith anyway.

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