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Dog Days
The angles of the shadows have become distinctly late summer, subtly softened during the early morning and evening hours. It is the beginning of the end of this growing season. Cottonwood leaves are the first to begin the change, and their show is not very exciting. Green to yellow to dirty brown , then drop off in dusty piles in September.
The hounds roll around on the cool spots of the yard, stirring up dust with every lethargic movement. I have given up the ghost on the watering, except for the azalea bushes that always come through for me if I show them unconditional love during the drought.

It is an in-between time, much like November and February. If the old wives tale about “fogs in August=snows this winter” is true, it should be a doozy because we’re eight for eight already. I’ll call y’all to come and pull me out of the kudzu covered hill when I slide into the ditch on my way to work. No excuses like being halfway across the country or anything. I’ll make hot chocolate and it’ll be lovely.

I try very hard not to wish my life away or look too far into the future. After all, you never know which day is your last. If this turns out to be my last one, then I have no regrets. Except for spending a lot of it in meetings ;) Typical Monday.

But then there was the validation of doing a job well and helping to save a life. And the sound of quiet on my front porch swing with the sunset in front of me and the breeze stirring around me. There was the radiant smile of my beautiful five year old friend Raylyn, across the table at me, during meeting #2. She starts kindergarten tomorrow and is going to Six Flags for her very first vacation ever this weekend for her birthday. In my next life, I want to be five forever and have her spirit!

Yes, indeed, my life is blessed. I will leave you with one big question that is burning a hole in my soul right this moment…………

Is there any easier way to get d#*%!m hundred year old glued on formica off of a counter top than with a hammer and putty knife, popping it off in little pieces????????????

I am seriously about to lose my religion over this one. Where is Nate when I need a handyman?

Oh, and by the way YES Hossie..I did learn to play the piano, though not very well. My masterpiece was the "Theme from Exodus". My family never lets me live it down!
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