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don't count your raindrops.....
before they fall. What a TEASE! That promising cool front that had me so worked up yesterday has turned around and gone backwards from West TN in a big round bump. Dang. I guess I scared it away with my lusting yesterday. Heh. What the heck. The guys seemed to enjoy my first erotica ;)

And then there's the price of gas. SHEESH. Will this never end? I struggle to keep enough petrol in my tank to get back and forth to work to earn money to buy more gas to get back and forth to work, yadayadayada. It's a vicious cycle, and gives true meaning to the phrase "enjoy the journey" because, well. Maybe this really IS all there is! It now makes me physically uncomfortable to see some big honkin' SUV or truck guzzling up the precious liquid that is making somebody rich.

Yesterday somebody said the dreaded "R" word. Recession. As in we are "headed for one". I don't know about y'all, but I feel like I've been right smack in the middle of recessionville for several years now. If this is just the beginning of it, I'm in serious trouble. Anybody wanna be my roommate? I'm taking apps right now as long as you have a job to pay your half.

Enough rant....it serves no purpose and makes me feel hopeless, which is certainly not my nature. I guess I need to go read Hoss's daily piece so I can snort beer out my nose.
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