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i found him
Noooooo....not Sugardaddy ;) I found the soldier on my bracelet James Herrick . It was like walking on a grave visiting his virtual spot on the Vietnam memorial wall and reading other remembrances. Perhaps he is one of the guardian angels who watches over me day by day?
sister angie
Meanwhile, the hunt for Sugardaddy has been called off and I will soon become known as Sister Elizabeth Jane. I will wait until the heat eases before I don my habit.
Speaking of religion,I left a little remembrance about revivals over at the Dew today. I haven't lost my religion YET, but I might before I get that formica off. Sure, I could replace the plywood countertops, but I'm operating on principle now. The dang stuff needs to come off. I'm bullheaded like that sometimes. Besides, I like the nice distressed look of the wood left by my pounding.

Faith is laying on the floor beside me in front of the box fan, dreaming happy puppy dreams with her ears flappin' in the breeze. Butterbean has the couch nailed down, and I have another day off tomorrow. Life doesn't get much better in the midst of dog days!

Smile y'all. It makes everybody wonder what you've been up to.
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