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kate loves jonathan
Well, she did back in the day. Says so right there on my basement wall written with sidewalk chalk. The digging frenzy descended to the basement last night as me and Babygirl and b'friend went down to see what we could find. The force was with me for a change, so he fetched his shop vacs and spotlights and we went to work. It's a full basement with concrete walls...quite a nice place even though it's full of dirt and mold right now. It was a perfect place to put a bunch of teenagers in their pre-driving days. I was either brave or stupid enough to let the party be here most of the time as long as they stayed out of my face! The sidewalk chalk was leftover from childhood days so they graffiti'ed the place to their heart's content. Blows my mind to see who was crushing on who way back when ;) I haven't seen most of them in years.

When we first moved here 15 years ago, both the attic AND basement were inches deep in dirt and other assorted crap that an old horse trader can collect over 50 years time. The original wooden work tables are still there. It took me a good five years to clear out all the stuff well enough to walk. I couldn't begin to tell you how many pitch and burn sessions I've had over the years, and last night was no exception. We hauled boxes and bags up the concrete steps out to the fire pile where the wind whipped it into a burning frenzy. Burning shit is my weakness...what can I say? Thankfully there was well timed thunderstorm on the way to put it out!

My prize find was a nice battery powered radio that I'd forgotten I had which had rarely been used after I won it in an adult spelling bee for charity. I entered that dang spelling bee every year for four years and got the radio as a 3rd place prize one year. My swan song was 2nd place when I won an electric grill that is long gone. I figured that was as close as I was gonna get.

Y'all seem to be drooling over the Sour Cream Chocolate Pound Cake, so here's the recipe. Happy cookin' and don't forget to have some french vanilla ice cream on hand to go with.

If ya'll need me I'll be here listening to Rock 92.3 out of Jackson on my new/old radio and seat dancing. Now I can listen to John Boy and Billy while I'm getting ready for work! See what I mean by low maintenance?

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