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okay, i'm over it
I wore my Sponge Bob scrubs today, and that always lifts my spirits and gets me out of the rant zone. Below you will find old Bob jumping up and down on my chest. That's the closest you'll ever find Poopie to HNT unless it's in real life.
Yesterday when I stopped at the store on the way to work, there was a big old black hearse pulled up to the gas pump. The driver got out, all decked out with a tie and everything and I halfway expected him to tell me to get in the back. Instead, he asked for directions to a local street with a familiar name and I shoulda known it. I had NO idea where it was...told dude to go in and ask the store manager. Go figure. The homegirl had an attack of sometimer's.

Happens to the best of us when we've slept since then.
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