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Don't tell a soul. My boss, who is one month and 7 days OLDER than me, turns 50 tomorrow and I'm making the cake right now. Shush. I told you not to tell ;) Should I be nice and make it all pretty or put some kind of trick candles or a rubber snake on it?

Here is a picture of us and some other girls actin' the fool when we were half the age we are now. Doesn't seem like we should be half a century old. Hmm...how did that happen? Anyhow, she's older than me and I so respect my elders.
chubby cartoon
That's her in the middle and me perched up on the back. Don't ask what we were doing...Let's just say it involved lots of wine and Chubby from the Little Rascals.

Happy birthday Freda Lynn! And I know, payback is heck.

Check out my piece on my favorite bar over at Dew on the Kudzu . It'll make you wanna cry in your beer.
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