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they say it's your birthday
Here’s a picture of one of my many bosses with one of his many bosses doing what they do best….chopping up livers or something. They are forever more cuttin’ something into little pieces for a closer look.
adorable and work gal
I heard that today is his birthday, but you never know. He’s slippery like that.

He’s a great friend…like family, so I can roast him without fear of a whoopin’. There’s been many a time I’d like to box those ears and call him shorty. He can be quite demanding with his tabbing and such. Most days though, he’s just whistles and goes about his business, oblivious to the drama that is a job-full-of-high-strung-hormonal females who watch his back and love him to pieces. If only he had a good agent, we’d all be stars in CSI/Dyersburg.

Boss adores his only child, a babygirl….and hunting any damn critter that moves, ‘specially the flying kind. He has sisters that creep into conversations when you least expect it, and a great love of eating fish and Mexican. And dessert. His grandma said" no meal is complete without something sweet and a cup of coffee."

Happy 16th birthday, Fast Eddie. ^j^
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