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a woman's perogative
The kitten's name has changed again. She is now known as Princess Cali which suits her much better than Hope. Check back tomorrow and she might be Stripey Sue. Who the heck knows around here.

All I can really speak about with any authority is the current temperature which is H.O.T. Even the kudzu is drooping. The rest of it is just dead as a doornail. Speaking of which, check out my friend Zubrovka's cemetary pics. He's a mighty fine photographer, even if the subject matter is a bit less than jovial ;)

There are mysteries galore around the b**g world. Has Mike moved and left no forwarding address? *gasp* Will FTS survive multiple (nasty) spider bites to live his dream? What will Romani's kudzu monkey be named?

It's all in a day's reading, I say. As my old buddy Hoss would say..." Tune in tomorrow to see who makes their pile."
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Y'all don't forget to whistle while U work. It makes somebody happy when you do.
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