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the 23rd um..post
Whizzer tagged me and y'all know I'm a player so here is the 5th sentence of my 23rd post. ( Actually not my 23rd post since B*****R deletes anything over 300, and I had almost 600.) But anyways, it's 23rd from the beginning of what's still there ;) Haloscan also deletes your comments too. I smell a conspiracy theory here to make us BUY a service!

Importance of appearance? Medium. Importance of intelligence? Low. That post was a satirical piece on the internet matchmaking business called "99% match". Props to Poops though....I never paid for any of it. I'm still expecting The Prince aka Sugardaddy to find me on HIS dime. Sheesh....women can be sooooo demanding.

the crop

Y'all wish me luck on the pecan biz. The crop looks good and the market does too. Poopsie could sure use the $$$. Oh, and ...by the way. If I have mailing addresses, I'll send some roasted ones your way for Christmas.

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