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all about me
I have never done the obligatory 100 things that good bloggers do because..um. Well, because I'm lazy. And not enough of a geek to hide it on the sidebar. I like to think that folks who come here and read about my life know enough about me from what I say and do without being bored to death with a list. Monica came up with a novel way to share the many roles that she plays and I thought I'd give it a whirl. It beats making a list. If you take all of the parts below and mix them together gently, out pops The Full Poopster. Like it..or like it. Or not.(hat tip to Hoss )
Disclaimer: In no particular order I am:

Child of God... I grew up in and remain a member of the United Methodist Church, though I rarely attend formal services these days. I have always cherished the theology of that denomination which is based on the Wesley quadilateral...reason, tradition, experience and the word. The itenerant preachers that rode the circuits to spread the Gospel in days gone by are my heroes. The majority of my up close and personal moments with God, however, have taken place outside of the church house out there amongst the "least of these". I have no money left to give to causes. I simply live my life as a ministry to others with the gifts that God has given me. We're both alright with that.

Mother... I only gave birth to one child (which was plenty, thank you very much) but I have been surrogate Mom to many many more who could not talk to their own. The key to that role has been meeting them where they are instead of lecturing and demanding perfection. We talk. We share our feelings. There is no shame, only honesty and gentle guidance. There were certain parenting patterns that I was determined to break away from and, even though it has been difficult at times and I have been criticized, it seems to have worked. My daughter is a happy healthy loving individual who is intent on discovering who she is and how that fits into today's world.

Healthcare provider... My degree and state license state that I am properly trained and qualified to perform clinical laboratory tests under the supervision of a physician known as a pathologist. In reality, my 28 years in the hospital setting have given me the opportunity to learn about all facets of healthcare delivery. While clinical diagnosis pays my salary, I have discovered a passion in a totally opposite realm of healthcare.....end-of-life care improvement. All of that experience has shown me that sometimes the gig is up and the focus should shift to palliative care and quality of life vs.longevity.

Woman... A comfortable relationship with a man is my dream. A partner who cherishes me for me and looks forward to my company. I would just as soon sit in a duck blind with him as dress up and go dancing. I make a lot of jokes about Sugardaddy, but that's not what I'm about. I'm about finding and embracing true love for the first time.

Friend ... Loyal to a fault, I've learned that real friends never go away, they just pop up in your life when you least expect them at just the right time. While friendship can be based on children or activities or upbringing, real friends love you for who you are, warts and all.

Daughter and sister... If there were ever three more different kids born to a set of parents, I can't imagine it. My two younger brothers have learned lessons the hard way like Sis. We all have a different perspective on life and love and success, but we love each other to death. We adore our parents and consider ourselves lucky to still enjoy them in good health. Family is everything. They're the ones who have to love you when you have nowhere else to go ;)

Rebel... But never without a cause. I cringe at being expected to do something because it's "what good girls do" or the status quo. Politically correct has no place in my vocabulary. You will just as likely find me standing up for a social outcast as for someone who is considered elite. It's all about the principle with me. My principles don't always mesh with yours. Deal with it.

Smartass... People who take themselves too seriously give me hives. If you can't laugh at yourself first, then all is lost. Sarcastic humor, as long as it doesn't directly hurt someone, is the stuff that belly laughs are made of. And I do so love a good guffaw shared with the other ones who "get it".

Artisan... Whatever part of the brain that controls the enjoyment of music, the written word and visual art is my predominant side. I love to read and write, enjoy most any kind of music and ooh and aah over your creations and passions. I can get absolutely lost in a good movie. These things are what makes life worth living rather than merely a steady plod from birth to death. Self expression, whatever the form, is worth its' weight in gold.

Ain't I just a mess?

Keep the faith. ^j^
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