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Happy Monday friends ^j^ I know..you've seen it before. Humor me and take a minute to experience it again. There's no such critter as too much of a good thing.

We are antihistamine slaves around here these days. The quaint drone of the cotton picker tends to stir up the allergens in a big way. Babygirl is down for the count on Benadryl. Her legacy from my ex is some kind of strange dermatitis that takes over in October of every year, without fail. Of course the usual upper respiratory symptoms are there, with a migraine thrown in. But it's the itching that is the most miserable demon of all. We took her baby self to a pediatric dermatologist only to be told this: The kid has hypersensitive skin that whelps up to everything from her own sweat to whatever is floating in the air. Translation: lots of cortisone cream and as much prednisone as can be deemed safe. When she went to Girl Scout camp in the woods, we learned to start her on a Dose-pak before she ever left the house. *sigh* *scratch,scratch*

Poops is becoming delerious due to an entire year without more than a few days off. Things don't look too good in the coming months either. We chatted about this at work today...about how folks "can't do what they used to do" because of the price of gas and such. That's actually a non-issue for me. When I made the choice to cut my income in half by getting a divorce, I essentially said goodbye to being able to do anything other than go to work and get up and do it again. It's been a three year process of "acting as if" things will be better tomorrow. Gotta hand it to me..I've got a great imagination ;)

I could tell you some witty stories, but I'm fresh out. Catch ya on the flip flop.
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