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Yes, it's true. I will be taking the month of November away from emoting to the saints and snobs and devoting it, instead, to the next installment of A Stained Glass Life . So far, there have been many dark pieces joined together with some bright ones by red-hot lead. Perhaps I can find some bevels to throw into the pattern and lighten things up a bit. Sometimes rainbows appear when you catch the light just right and keep the faith. NaNoWrimo is about writing a novel during the month of November. I started one last year, and never finished it. As I was experiencing the sunset on the edge of the woods, my muse told me to finish what I started. Note to self: It is bad luck to ignore your muse.

At the very least, maybe I'll get my kitchen done and the pecans picked up and cracked. I'll be around, just not as wordy as usual. STOP SNICKERING!

Love ya. Mean it. ^j^
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