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disco inferno
I don't get out much...and I'm usually in the bed sound asleep by 10 or so. Last night, my brother needed some kitchen help at his nightclub because he had a band coming that always draws in a big crowd. Nobody ever buys food, but hey..if they ask for it, you have to be able to deliver. I showed up about 7:30 and wandered around the empty club listening to the band warm up. They looked like a normal bunch of guys, mostly in shorts with short haircuts. When the doors opened at 8, they disappeared for awhile to do whatever musicians do right before a show.

Imagine my disbelief when this bunch took their place on stage. Boy did they work that crowd into a frenzy under the disco ball. They performed until I thought they were all gonna have strokes with three energetic sets of 70's and 80's dance music. Think back to the time when the glittering disco ball twirled overhead while you boogied your ( much younger )tail off. Poops has never been much of a dancer except around the house, but these guys were fun to just listen to and watch. I had the added benefit of being able to mingle since I was just "on call" for the deep fryer, so I got to visit with old friends and young friends all night. And the best part....the beer was on my brother! After the band quit at 1AM, the crowd continued to party until 3. Babygirl and BF came to pick me up before that, but still I didn't make it to bed until it had been 24 hours since I'd gotten up. Burn baby burn!
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