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the eleventh commandment
Thou shalt not rant unless it is absolutely essential to mental health and/or your future.
If thou ranteth, expect much disagreement. Women should be enjoyed and not heard.

All better now. I got it off my chest yesterday. There are a lot of folks who read my thoughts because I share them freely...I'm a trusting soul like that. I don't have a troll problem, but if I ever do I'll call on Monty the mighty avenger of all that is evil in blogland.

One weekend some time ago all us girls crafted our superhero personalities over at MommaK's in Petroville. That was some girl power goin' on, if I say so myself. A few guys put their capes on, but not many. I think they were all watching ESPN and playing with power tools.

Workin' on my halloween costume here. I do believe that I might be a ladybug. Poopsie don't look too good on a broom, if you know what I mean.
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