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A memory surfaced today, probably because it's that time of the year. I still have a mental picture of me and my three year old daughter walking the streets of town in awe of the transformed colors of our world. On overcast days, especially, the hues are vibrant and beautiful. Gold, green, orange and burgandy in different shades all splashed together to form a backdrop that is not unlike walking through fairy land. Late October in Tennessee is just that. Her tiny legs kept pace with mine every step of the way on our adventure. Time was lost on us for a short while. We simply wandered in wonder at the beauty. Little did we know that the next year we would move to live in a place that was even more beautiful, in every season.

When our house became vacant it took six months of work to clean out the mess of 50 years worth of a horseman's treasures. Having lived the last 10 years here as a widow, Mr. Council was hardly a good housekeeper. He was old and tired just like his surroundings. Carpet was laid, wallpaper hung and siding installed...coats of paint slapped on over other coats. While the house was still in the process of being made liveable, it snowed. It was my custom to just ride out here and dream now and then of the day when it would be finished and I could live in "my" house. Moving day finally came during the other golden month, April. There is something very warm and cozy to me about April and October in the country. They are transitions of sorts..from one harsh season to another, and during those transitions we wish that time would stand still and the beauty would last forever.
home sweet home
We are still at least a week away from peak here, but the changes are becoming more and more noticeable every day. The Virginia creeper has begun to turn scarlet red, hanging in ropes from the massive pecan trees. The maples are as much yellow as light green now, and the bradford pear and gumball trees are taking on the burgandy that they wear so regally.

I haven't gotten a thing accomplished on my "to do" list, but that's okay. I've rested my mind and gone at my own pace today and work was slow over the weekend. I had a dream the other night that my old friend the super-organized one was getting married. Big to-do at our church with a slew of bridesmaids and all the hoorah that goes along with it. I was singing for the wedding ( uh..yeah, right ) and in my typical un-organized way managed to be late and miss the whole thing. She wasn't mad though. Cuz she loves me and knows that I'm as hare-brained as she is meticulous. We make an excellent odd couple. When I called to tell her about my dream, her first question was:" Who did I marry?". Couldn't answer that one. You know how dreams do you. Then she asked if I'd had breakfast????? She was referring to an old wives tales about not telling your dreams before breakfast. That was a new on me, but thank goodness I'd already eaten!

Don't forget to be good little girls and boys. The great pumpkin is watching ;)
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