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Good mooooooooorning America! How are ya? Personally, I’m tired of being one of the working poor that bought into the American dream. You know…get an education and the world is yours. It’s probably all my fault because I’m an idealist. Any American worth their salt knows that’s a dead end. The road to happiness here in our country seems to be paved by a contractor who doesn’t have to bid but just does his or her own thing by keeping us dependent on resources which we think we must have to be happy. It all happens on the golf course or at the country club.

Like oil. Perhaps Katrina was a subliminal message for us to watch the gauge a little closer and consider who’s jerking us around on the price. The simple act of our President “letting some oil loose” to ease the cost (and protect his plummeting approval ratings) smacks of control. Who’s in charge?
maxine for pres

Here are some factoids for my fellow Americans. I’ve worked for the same healthcare provider for 28 years…since I graduated from college. We’ve been sold twice during that period, and I lost benefits each time. The last time was my biggest screwing. I had 20K in a pension that I can’t touch because umm..I dunno know why. Not even a kiss during the conversion.

I don’t blame Bush et al. I blame us…the voters, for not being able to see past our noses and our partisan loyalties to demand accountability from the robber barons. Sure, Kerry has lots of money too. That wasn’t the issue. The issue was that Bush won because nobody with any credibility had the bucks to make a decent showing. If Kerry barely lost by default, imagine what a strong candidate could do. I still shake my head over those debates last year and the fact that the monkey won the election after he bumbled his way through.

“I voted for him.” That’s a phrase I hear more and more these days as Americans realize that we’re only one year into a train wreck of a term with the Jr. W at the helm. “But I don’t agree with that war.” The Homeland Security/FEMA disaster of the past few months has shown me that, without a doubt, we are in serious trouble. If we are not capable of helping our own, what the hell are we doing out there saving the rest of the world? Somebody’s making money off of it, or we wouldn’t be doing what we're doing.

My youngest brother recently told me that he’s over it. Republican to the bone, he is weary from watching the government that he helped to elect drop the ball time and again. There won’t be another Reagan. Nor Kennedy. Not even another Clinton, I hope. If we wake up and watch voting patterns and change our lifestyles, there may be somebody with the vision and integrity to clean up the mess that is our nation.
Raise your hand if you think Frist didn't know about HCA. I voted for him, by the way. Live and learn.

One day at a time, y'all. Happy birthday Hossie. I'm sending you a cat as a present. The fat black one that can't hit the litter box ;)
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