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if you post it, they will come
Yea, even as Haloscan haveth a brain fart, it has always been thus and so in the cyber-world. I suspect a giant conspiracy by b**g providers to make us PAY for the luxury of ranting and recounting every.single.detail.of.our days. Or maybe it's just a Monday thang ;)

I do so LUV the snugglin' weather, even if I'm just snuggling with my dog. I sleep better and feel better when the temps and humidity are low. There's probably some scientific reason for that like cortisol or TSH or some other hormone. They rule the world, you know. Negative feedback and all that.

I'm rambling so I'll leave you with a funny picture that my friend Bonez sent me. If you're a Bush fan, never mind. I'll get back to the pretty scenery soon enough.
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