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it is soooooo over
...and I'm doing the happy dance. A dry cool front whooshed through today and knocked that temp down below sweat level for the first time in eons. The windows are open and the cotton is picked and laying in big bales covered with pink tarps.
pink bales FTS treated us to a virtual tour of his home, so I thought I'd do the same. Keep in mind that I'm a big dreamer with lots of ideas but not much energy left after the day job to get things done. Here's what my kitchen looks like. For a year now.
kitchen Lovely, huh?The adjoining dining room is the only completed project I've had. Here's what the corner looks like.dining room No I didn't just move in. We've been sorting through almost twenty years worth of stuff and regrouping. Martha would definitely not think Poopie's house is "a good thing." In fact, she would bust out of her ankle chains at the sight of it. What can I say? The maid has been on hiatus blogging and ogling hot men with terrific minds. Plus, working for a livin'.

I'll just give you a word picture of my bedroom. There's a queensize oak bed with a quilt that is covered by sleeping dawgs most of the time and that's alright with me 'cuz it saves on the utility bill ;) I'm just careful not to kick 'em and let them lie. Over and out from smartassville.

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