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it's five o'clock somewhere
Doesn't really matter to me though. It's officially beer thirty on Friday of what has been a terribly long week. After deciding that I could truly use a three day weekend, I couldn't find a soul to work in my place today. Bah humbug.

Hoss would file the following under "better late than never". Ruth had a three wishes post the other day and I was intrigued but too covered up to do it right then. Also, Roxanne tagged me awhile back on the sevens. It's probably cheating to copy and paste what I put up the first time, but hey...y'all will forgive me, right? I knew you would. That's why I love ya.
7 things I can do:
Feel your pain, whoever you are
Sing the alto part in the Hallelujah chorus ( if I follow along with my finger on the page)
Name most any musical group I hear on the radio
Pick fresh asparagus from my yard every spring
Play the piano
Put a needle in your vein and you never feel it
Cook VERY well

7 things I say most often:
What an idiot!
Keep the faith ^j^
Shit happens.
Do I look like 'yo Momma?
Oh, puleeeeeeeez*
Give me strength.
Peaks and valleys.

7 things I cannot do:
Run very far
Speak German, even though I took it in college..ditto for french and pig-latin
Go for too long without crying
Judge other people
Forget who I am, ever
Get ahead on the $$
Pass by a pretty river, sunset, sunrise, flower or cute animal

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
Smile and laugh
Sense of humor
Good hugger
Laid back personality

7 celebrity crushes:
James Taylor
Rick Bragg
David Letterman
Old Horsetail Snake
Robin Williams
William Hurt
All those Weather Channel guys swingin' in the wind

7 things I plan to do before I die:
Meet as many b**g friends as I can
Find true love
Become a grandmother and an aunt
See world peace
Float as many rivers and see as many mountains as I can manage
Appreciate each day for the gifts
Understand HTML

Now for the three wishes thingy.

1. World peace. No REALLY...I'm not running for Miss America or anything but geez...why can't we all just get along? Imagine this: Everybody takes care of their own, minds their own business, lives their own life and lets everybody else live theirs. Where there is need, those who have the means give to help out. There is no profit at the expense of the little guy and no hatred and violence against those who are "different". We just mind our own business, have fun and enjoy life. I think there was a concept like this once before. Does Utopia sound familiar?

2. My soulmate. I never have been one of those gals who thinks she needs a man to be complete or any of that nonsense. Having spent a lot of years married to a nice guy who could have cared less about my needs, I think it would be a mighty cool thing to share my life with someone who does. I may go to my grave without seeing this one come true as well, but I'll always wish for it.

3. To grant a wish for each of you. What would YOU wish for? I'll get out the magic wand and do my best to make it happen ;)
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