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ladies' night
Traditionally, Thursday evening is when girls get out on the prowl. Every nightspot worth its' tequila shots will tell you that it's the magic moment when the work week meets the weekend and everybody feels froggy. It's the eve of two whole days off from the day to day politics of makin' a living in the corporate world. Sucks to be us, huh?

Just got off the phone from talking to my cousin, the schnauzer lady in KY. Our poor dysfunctional family has issues..like all do. It's amazing that anybody ever even gets to eat a holiday dinner considering all the angst out there in the world of brotherly and sisterly love, scarred forever by Mommie and Daddy Dearest trying to do their best. Take a bow, Dr. Freud and please pass the sweet potatoes with the brown sugar pecan goo on top.

I'm not bar hopping this evening. Instead, I've got a pork tenderloin in the oven sprinkled with the rosemary that I harvested from the mini-tree my Mom brought me as an early Christmas present last year. There was an amaryllis too, which bloomed beautifully and yeilded a bulb that I planted in the spring. These are the things that make my world wonderful beyond belief..the little surprises that grow into something more faithful and everlasting.

I've been thinking about how much drama is the result of saying or not saying what we feel. When you're a kid it's all about childish things. "She looked at me. He TOUCHED me." Ewww..gimme my space you cretin. In the workplace there's enough transference and projection going on to write an entire psych textbook when, in reality,the bottom line is about making money.

My philosophy on life is quite simple:

Say what you mean, and mean what you say... If "they" don't approve, that's their problem. Saying "I love you" is okay. Ditto for "You piss me off" and "I need your help".

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...That means meeting them where they are instead of judging and rigidly preaching about right and wrong. If you need a reminder on that one, just remember Jim and Tammy and all the other holier than thous who have fallen.

Don't deny reality... Bad things occur and nobody's ever really to blame, except that snake in the Garden of Eden. When hard times come knockin' at your door, it's nobody's fault. Stuff just happens and the Big Guy cries and rants right along with you. If He planned it, it was as a lesson for your next assignment as an angel. He's real smart like that.

Cry when you feel teary... Laugh whenever you can. Grab the nearest hug and hold on like your life depends on it. Talk about stuff, even when it's painful, because there's a rainbow on the other side of honest dialogue.

And answer this one question for me.......
Does this make my butt look big?
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