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our top story tonight
All the gamblers in Tennessee are atwitter this evening because the Powerball pot has reached 430 million. According to the statistics prof at the University of Memphis, the odds of winning are about a bazillion and 3/4 to 1. He did the math on TEEVEE. Gotta love that spirit. Perhaps we should be financing our healthcare system with the lottery in addition to higher education. Just a thought from a smartass.

Me and a guy at work were chatting about how we'd spend a couple of million the other day. He didn't have a clue, though he's already done it a time or two I feel sure. Me? I was real practical. First I'd pay off my debt, first and foremost to the folks who have helped me when I was down. Then I'd spend some on me and Babygirl doing things we can't afford now, like having massages and buying books and CD's and cute nail polish. I'd get Miss Rhonda to do my hair. I've always wanted a 4-wheeler, so now would be the time to pay cash and gas it up. Faith needs her rabies shot and a collar..coupla months past due. After that, I'd give it away to worthy causes. Surprisingly enough, that would not include any gigantic national american organization that pays its' execs six figures to lead us around by the nose having bake sales. Nooo...I would look for people with real dreams who walk the walk and do things that are friendly to our earth and our children. All of us. I would bankroll a non-denominational church health center and get others involved in the whole thing. I'd use the bucks to empower people, becuase that's what it's all about.

Then, if there's any left...I'd pay the Astros to kick the Cardinals butts into next year. They've got it coming.
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