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poop on a log
It took a lifetime to realize, but there's this place where the sunset is especially beautiful for me and the dogs. Across the road, through the gate, next to the cattle rub and down the hill a bit there's a gorgeous view of the end of this day in living color. Below is where the deer come out to play. Further out in the woods is where the ducks and turkeys live. There are trails criss crossing everywhere with prints and feathers. The closer you get to the water the more active the wildlife becomes. Like here , for example. John Ruskey is a riverman like you ain't never seen.

I guess y'all already know this, but I'll tell you anyways... NikkiZ got born! Yeehaw. That lil' critter has been a long time coming ;) Her grandma says all is well according to the latest dispatch. Don't you just love it when pregnancies get over with *wink,wink* Congrats to the entire Zoot family.

Duh..da.dah.dah...that's all folks. Keep the faith.

after the pickin'
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