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poopie's box
Three and a half years ago, give or take a month, I was caught up in the notion that somebody somewhere might want to read about where I've been and what I think. Like all the other negative thinkers and narcisstic folks in the world, I felt that it was all about me and my pain. Silly girl.

I began to journal then, in earnest. I had years worth of handwritten stuff tucked away in spots here and there and someday I will compile those thoughts and messages into something worth reading all in one sitting, or one day at a time. The contents sit in a copy paper box from work with a ^j^ on top. Perhaps this winter or next spring or in the nursing home I will manage to put it all together.

In the meantime, I'll be here laying my heart out on the line for others to read, hoping and praying that someone will gain something from what I say or feel or think. Sometimes I just need a hug, like the rest of you. I've met some mighty big blog snobs in my travels...you know the type. If you don't entertain them just so you're history in their little corner of the b**g world. If you don't agree with them, well..pssh. You're wrong.

I have enough on my plate right now just surviving as a gal trying to make it on her own without pondering what my blog is worth or who's dropped me from their daily read list. It's all in fun, I know. Easy come, easy go.

BabyGirl came home tonight from a weekend camping trip with BF telling about a cheeseburger in paradise. They sat with a guy at a country store that still flips burgers and talked about life and stuff. Sounds like she learned from the master Boy Scout about survival, and I'm grateful for that. I knew from hello that he had her best interest at heart. I'm a lucky Mom.

In case you missed it yesterday, go visit Kyle and Claudia and pay it forward. That's what keeping the faith is all about.
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