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*sniff sniff*
That sound you hear is the ladylike dripping of the old Poopster's nose as she crawls around on her hands and knees picking up pecans in the cool October breeze. As a veteran of pecan seasons past, I have found that to be my best position. Those thingies on a stick sometimes aren't worth the trouble, and I can only bend and stoop so many times until I end up flat on my tush working a broad circle around me. Good yoga like stretches and all that ;) Most are still in the trees, I'm just picking up the precursors to a full blown covering of the grounds to try to get a bit ahead of the game. Bring 'em on, I say!

Some guys have this fascination with women driving trucks like "Redneck Woman" Gretchen Wilson. My vehicle the past few days has been a little pick-up truck with a 5 speed. BabyGirl and her BF are gone to Kentucky to job hunt and they took MY car. So, um. Guess who's driving his truck? Actually I kinda like having something to haul stuff in. Yesterday I filled the bed with fallen pecan limbs and had a mighty nice fire around dark thirty. For those of you who don't know me that well, I must confess to a weakness for burnin' shit. Not quite a pyro, I just enjoy a good fire and living in the country affords me the opportunity to light one whenever the spirit moves me. Which is quite often!

I have my tile for the kitchen countertops and will be getting a telephone tutorial shortly from my sister-in-law in Virginia, the wonder woman of home improvment. If this tells you anything about her, when I called she was gone to the hardware store for sheetrock screws ;) I'm taking my time with this, and doing it as I have the energy, so it might be next Halloween before it's done. We'll see.

I went to my favorite bar to watch the UT/Alabama game yesterday and visit the regulars. It was rather sad actually, considering that it will change owners next week. Gene, the retiring owner, is from Mobile and the annual contest between the two teams has traditionally been his day to whoop it up with all of us UT fans. His wife MaryBeth and I were talking about the passing of the place to the new owners, and she was wistful at the thought of never seeing some of her favorite people again. I know how she feels on that. We are like a little family around that place where everybody knows everybody else and what's up with them.

If you feel like having a good belly laugh, click here . Tell 'em your cousin-wife sent 'ya.
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