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talk to the animals
Y'all know we are all about the animal kingdom around here. Today I will introduce you to the critters and tell you a little bit about their origins. Not a ONE of them came to us intentionally. This lardbutt is the cat known as Fatass fatass. He's the one who's been with us the longest. As you can tell by the look in his eyes, the elevator doesn't quite to all the way to the top. We like to call him "feline challenged". Since he got fixed 10 years ago all he does is eat and sleep. And poop on the floor. Babygirl's Dad went out one night and fetched him from a friend's house who had about 20 running around. I'm sure they're still snickering at us suckers. The next member of our menagerie is Bernie.bernie ladder When my ex had a heart attack and we were away for a week, we returned to find him soaking wet and pitiful on the back steps. Bernie is real into heights as you can see here. I'm liable to find him most anywhere perched silently watching life go by. We had to rescue him from the roof many times before he learned how to get down on his own. We got real lucky when we found Faith.faith up close and personalI was getting my hair cut and the stylist asked if we wanted a lab puppy. A momma dog and her litter had wandered up to her house. I didn't know much about labs, but when we went to look Babygirl had a hissy fit and we were one choco-lab richer. She is the sweetest and SMARTEST dog I have ever had the pleasure to know. She can even talk! Well, kinda sorta ;) Most of you have seen Butterbean lately just because she demands soooo much attention. A rat terrier mix, she has that terrier attitude down to a fine art. Here you see her highness "herding" the horses, Pride and Trapper. Butterbean was named Hope at first( to go along with Faith..heheh) but it just didn't fit her. She found ME when I went to the shelter last December to adopt a Christmas puppy for us. pride and trapper Then of course there are the cows. Cows are really dumb. They follow each other everywhere and look at you like YOU'RE the stupid one.beef on the hoof They don't have names, just numbers. We wouldn't want to get too attached to next year's steak would we? Our latest addition is Princess Cali. Anybody who knows cats will testify that you can't pose them. This is how I found her one day, curled up in a plate on the dining room table.cali 1 She came to be ours when a co-worker ambushed me in the parking lot after saving two kittens she had found outside the exit.

I guess that's it, except for the birds,deer,raccoons,coyotes, foxes and possums. Anybody want to make a donation to Poopie's ark?
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