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I've been out on my hands and knees crawling through ditches and weeds to find pecans. There are more than I will ever be able to pick up, but I keep going anyway. As I was scouring the ground, I began to think. Because, after all, it is kind of a mindless activity where your mind can wander to other places while you work. My mind has been in Salem,Oregon all day since I read about Hoss losing his wife. Commenters have lined up all day long to share their condolences with a man who is a daily part of their lives. There are very few b**gs that I read every single day without fail, and his is one of them. Through all of the hard times of his wife's illness, he has never once done anything but keep putting the humor out there to keep us laughing and smiling to forget about our own troubles.

Which got me to wondering...about how we would know if something happened to each other. So many bloggers keep their places a secret due to work or family privacy issues. If something happened to you, is there someone who would know how to let the rest of us out here know? It's something to consider...a real life blogger buddy who would step in and post something for your online friends letting them know what was up if you're not able to. When I first started posting I jumped around like a cat on a hot tin roof looking all over the place for good reads to fill up a blogroll. After 14 months of non-stop reading and writing, I consider myself blessed with true friends all over the world. We are not just names on a list....we are a phenomenon that was born of the desire to stretch our boundaries and imaginations and touch the lives of others that we might have never known. The world gets smaller every day.
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Some of you have asked about linking to the new place. I'm emotionally attached enough to this site that I will continue to post here daily with the fun lighthearted stuff. Over there will be a different me, one that I sometimes hesitate to show here for fear of sounding morose. Sounds like multiple personalities, huh;) Not really. Just different parts of Poopie waiting for the future to unfold.

Keep the faith. ^j^
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