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behind the bar
According to Monty, the daily bitch this is drunken blogging night...unless she's found Prince Charming and run away to Neverland. While I was waiting for everybody else to show up for happy hour I've been painting . Yea, I know. I'll be sure to keep the day job.

I've always thought it would be mighty cool to be a bartender. I mean, with my propensity to listen to people go *on and on and on* I'd be a shoe in for the job. Just think about the possibilities for psychotherapy in that profession! I can make change pretty well ( when on duty and not a customer ) and the cleavage might get me some good tips. HOWEVER....I'd have to draw the line on that Coyote Ugly dancing on the bar thing because I don't do spandex. Plus my joints are too stove up from arthritis to jump up there and look sexy during the jump. We all know the jump is everything.
coyote ugly

Psst..c'mere. I have a new place I want you to visit sometime when the mood strikes. Usually I'm either ranting or actin' the fool around here, and there's a time and place for that. Like every day. Sometimes though, I want to be all serious like and spill my guts. Thanks to Clarence I have a place to do that now where I can play and explore. Sheesh..I might be a real writer there . Time will tell.

How's your momma'n'them? Don't you run around with my cousin-in-law's brother's wife? Thought so...buy you a beer?

*UPDATE* Legs shaved, hair and body clean. Boxers and t-shirt with a Michelob Ultra in hand, can. House is a wreck, dogs are asleep ( for now ).
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