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blowing in the wind

Here's a test of your weather IQ. What happens when a warm juicy southern air mass hits a fast moving cold front right around the Mississippi River? *hint* They don't kiss in delight at seeing each other. So, um..it wasn't a slow weather day across the central part of the nation as the unseasonably warm weather came to a screeching lightning hailing halt. Our local tornado sirens are in good working order and got plenty of use during the early afternoon as I made a dash from work to home in between storm #1 and storm #2. All's well that ends well though. As I type, I can still see the remnants of the most glorious sunset I have ever witnessed over the familiar treeline that surrounds the river.

Our top story today.....I am no longer the solitary employed resident of the Poopie compound. Let's hear it for BabyGirl and her return to the workforce!

* yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

Can I get an amen?
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