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casa poopie
As you may (or may not) have noticed, my usual commenting self has been pretty quiet for the past week. That's because I had something to do BESIDES blog. *gasp*
Yes, I know you're shocked! My good friend came to visit from Houston and stayed for a week which we spent alternately laughing, snorting, cackling and visiting other old friends. A librarian by vocation, she is anything but shy and quiet. In fact, she makes me look like a wallflower in the socializing department. Coming from the city, she was absolutely in love with the peace and quiet around here. Also an animal person, she had a different pet to sleep with every night and snuggle on the couch with during the day. You know me and the menagerie ;)
golf course entrance
One might think that I would take for granted the lovely place where I have spent so much time, but not so. Each and every day I wake up and marvel at the view, the quiet and the opportunities to enjoy nature. And I say "thanks" to the One who blessed me with it. I posted a little more truth tinged "fiction" over at my alter ego's site. She only comes out when the Spirit moves her, and sometimes it's intense.
land of cotton
As for the Christmas season, you MUST go visit Santa's blog . I went to visit a couple of times and I've already got a FREE massage lined up for Monday 'cuz I'm such a good nice sweet cute different kind of girl. I think Mrs. Claus must tell him to be extra kind to smartass gals who work hard and keep their sense of humor in spite of it all. Ya think?

Keep the faith. And believe ^j^
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