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a farmer's work
...is never done. Or so it seems. Yesterday I chopped down the asparagus bed which is what good asparagus farmers do. Whenever it dries out enough, there will be one helluva fire with all that nitrogen burning.
asparagus bed
And then, of course, there is the daily search for pecans beneath my favorite trees. I've worked my butt off gettin' em ready for the harvest, so here's a word to poachers: If I catch you under MY trees, I'll shoot.you.dead. There's an interesting little weather pattern in progress that will probably help me make my pile. Either that or it will wash them all down the ditch. In that case, I'll be calling on you to buy my lunch. Be warned.
The peep show is over for now, and most of the trees are either nekkid or getting that way. Here's a picture of back in the day before the gray days of November hit.
I swear, those cows don't know how good they've got it.
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