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lighten up
I have to be at work really early, like when most of you are still nestled in your beds slappin' at the snooze. The upside to that is my carpoolers on the John Boy and Billy Show who keep me snorting all the way there via radio. Based in North Carolina, this crew is insane and irreverant and I love every one of 'em and their multiple personalities. On any given day they might feature Rev and Goob or Murray the agent. "Axe Ike" is one of my favorite bits, along with the John Boy and Billy playhouse. Tater's giggle in the background is enough to make smile all by itself. The resident curmudgeon, Robert D. seems a bit of an ass, but they love him and Jackie. So do I.

As a fan of humor I'm always on the quest for a good laugh. The Comedy Channel is one of my regular hangouts along with Saturday Night Live and Letterman. The Simpsons and South Park. Nothing gives me the hives quicker than somebody who rants most of the time and whines whenever there's a break in conversation. Spare me the angst, y'all. I've got my own and I don't need yours too.

My serious side prevails on occasion, sometimes too often. I reckon that comes with the territory of being a girl. But hey...I'm past menopause and raring to snicker in the face of adversity. So let's ROFLMFAO. At least we ain't him.
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