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Me and BabyGirl had a bonding sort of day..the kind where you just hang out and do whatever. First we slept late, then we went to the K&N drive-in for lunch. That was one of her first jobs, as a carhop where the speakers don't work too well and they don't take checks. The owner parks his truck out front with a giant fiberglass rootbeer mug in the back to advertise to passers-by on the busy highway. Truth is, nobody would ever stop there unless they knew first hand how good the burgers are. Faith went along for the ride because she travels well and we fed her the bread leftover from around the outside of the burgers. She doesn't like fries, even with ketchup.So anyways, we're chattin' about where we're gonna go next and Faith is snoozing in the back seat between the bags of pecans. BabyGirl drops a bombshell on me like I ain't never heard. When she and her boyfriend go to Sonic, Faith gets her very own cheeseburger. Not the leftovers, mind you. A whole burger...with cheese. If I know her choco lab self, I'd say she takes mayo only. Woof!We moseyed on down the road a bit to the Farmer's Co-op in Halls and bought some ear mite medicine for the cats and a Mossy Oak cap for Faith's daddy who feeds her cheeseburgers. And a pineapple scented candle just for us girls. Then we streaked each others' hair with one of those home style kits and went out separate ways. Sorry FTS . When I can't afford salon color, I do my own thing. Which is most of the time ;) If you wouldn't charge me mileage, I'd hire you for a housecall.

It might have been easier all the way around if I'd written a novel. Ya think?
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