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pecan futures
Please notice the well groomed appearance underneath the paper shell pecan trees. Also note that this old middle aged gal hauled a push mower and rake in the trunk of the car to do the deed on the ankle high grass. Preparing for pecan season is a great weight loss program with all the mowing and bending and stooping and such.
pecan trees
Leave it to a guy to come up with an ingenious easy way to do things. My friend Timmy at work suggested today that I use a shop-vac to suck them up to save on my poor old back. His eyes were literally ON FIRE, like "Tim the tool man" as we brainstormed this idea. The hitch was power for the shop-vac, but then we conjured up a portable generator to power it and WOOT! Plan B involved lots of plastic sheeting placed under the trees at just the right time. When it ain't raining. And the wind won't blow it away, and there's somebody up there shakin' em to high heaven.
Actually, with eye candy like this and temps in the 70's, I don't even mind the perpetual motion. Check back with me when it's blowing from the north and 25 degrees. I imagine I'll be over it by then.
golden shadows
Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
cattle rub and silos
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